The Global Language of Business
A Beginner's Guide to EDI
A non technical overview for those new to EDI.
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Starting with EDI?

Has one of your customers asked you to send electronic invoices or receive orders via EDI?
If yes, you are probably wondering what EDI is and how it works.
You might also have been asked for your company's GLN or Global Location Number.
Find the answers to these and other questions in our Beginner's Guide.

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To start using EDI you will need to complete three steps:
  1. Review and select an EDI solution provider suitable to your needs. 
  2. Apply to GS1 Ireland for a unique Global Location Number to identify your mailbox for messages. 
  3. Work with your service provider to set up and test the business messages you are going to exchange electronically.
On registering with GS1 we will also send you a link to the Harminised EDI (H-EDI) Messages in use in the retail / grocery sector in Ireland.

T: 353 1 208 0660
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